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A great day out

Posted by Shane Hulbert on May 26, 2014 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (4)

So we had a great day out in Glenroy on Saturday 17 May, 2014 with locals in the neighbourhood. If you'd like to see more documentation of the project please feel free to visit our Facebook page:

Growing Tomatoes and The Growing Food Project

Posted by Shane Hulbert on February 10, 2014 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Late last year, local Glenroy resident and indigenous plant enthusiast Vlad, kindly donated two trays of tomato seedlings for our project. A few months onwards, with plenty of sun, water, tender love and care, the tomatoes have really taken off! We'll be using the seeds from the tomatoes for our propogating workshops with Scope in March. (See image below).

On another note, on Sunday 9th Feb (yesterday) the West Brunswick Community Garden hosted a picnic in the garden, which was a special Sustainable Living Festival event in celebration of summer. They cooked up a dinner from locally grown and surplus produce and the food was so delicious! I especially loved the vegetarian filo. 

After dinner there was a screening of the film The Growing Food Project by Rasha Tayeh, a short documentary exploring Melbourne's local food movement and community food initiatives "where people are coming together to build local, fair and sustainable food systems". It was an inspiring night on our doorstep! We're interested in finding more ways to involve these community groups that were involved in this project and hope that there may be an opportunity in the near future. For more information about the group visit:


Glenroy Harmonisers

Posted by Shane Hulbert on February 5, 2014 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

It came up in our last meeting that to create more of an event we should have a lunch time performance during our May 10 event. So this led to us wanting to find a local musical group and thus we decided we should investigate the Glenroy Harmonisers. The Glenroy Harmonisers are a locally based choir that meets regularly at the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre (GNLC). Rowena, Emmet and I embarked on an excursion to GNLC today to hear the harmonisers in action. We were warmly greeted by Brian, the choir's leader. The group was very enthusiastic and passionate about singing, they even had us joining in! We are very pleased they are keen to be part of our project and are even happy to sing songs about gardening! Our experience of being there today reaffirmed how beneficial it is to be involved in the arts, it was lovely to see a connected and enthusiastic group enjoying the vibrancy of singing music together. We know this will be a great addition to our participatory project on the day! Tammy

Getting the project started...

Posted by Shane Hulbert on January 29, 2014 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

As artists with an interest in the local community, we concieved this project last year as we were looking for ways to promote a sense of community connectivity in our neighbourhood Glenroy. As I have had an interest in how participatory art can have an impact on a local community, I invited my friend and artist Rowena Booth to work on this project with Shane and I. Rowena has a passion for edible plants and has had experience in creating interventionists mobile garden space, prompting the community to share and experience the universal experience of food. We thought collaborating with Rowena would be ideal as we could work with her to develop an installation that would encourage the passing Glenroy public to take part in our project and also allow us to capture the diverse food practices of the local area. In the process of developing the concept of this project we partnered with Scope, and their clients have volunteered to be involved with the event by assisting us in growing the herbs and potentially with handing out the herbs on the day of the event.  So far we have been to Scope's Coburg office where the herbs will be grown and we are now preparing for this when it starts in March. We are also currently working on a prototype for our Mobile Edible Garden, deciding on which types of carts to use and how we should adorn the surface. This morning I also explored the neighbourhood with my camera and talked to some of the local friendly traders, who seemed interested in a local project about the the Glenroy neighbourhood. My photographic exploration this morning was with the aim of capturing some of the unique culturally diverse characteristics of the neighbourhood. It was lovely to wander and discover such a variety of influences from Indian, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese and many more. Tammy


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